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Theres nothing like it to compare.  I have been painting en plein air  (painting outside) for two years.  I call this my open air studio. I had been painting in my kitchen ( which I still do in the winter time),  I was always afraid to paint where others might see me.  that all has changed. I put on funky music mostly alternative, some time u will see me dancing to the music as I prepare to get in the zone.

If u have never painted outdoors u should.  No fear of spilling paint on the floor or slopping water, its a wonderful sensation, no fear.

I have been painting in water color most recently , especially with a product called Yupo paper a synthetic paper completely recyclable made of plastic. It is a wonderful product for water color, I love the drips and sprays and everything that goes with this product.

I love that folks are reading and looking at my paintings on line. and thank you to the person that wanted me to elaborate on my paintings.

Cloud CoverCloud cover  water color on  water color canvas

Listne to the Music Listen to the Music en plain air Water color on yupo paper


a dog named BooA Dog named Boo Water color  on water color canvas $250