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peace missoula

P7070352-752x1024  P7090399 P7070360-Copy P7070362-Copy  P7100435-Copy P71004391-768x1024

P72309051-1024x768 P72409061-300x227 P7240907-150x150 P72409101 P7250942 P7260945-150x150 P7280948 P7280955 P7280957-150x150 P7280969 P72809551-150x150 P72809571 P8030996                                  I thought it would be cool to show the steps that I went throught o finish my painting.

Im back  up and running and adding new work.

thank you for visiting more to come.

P5310794 P53107931 P5310786-11-150x150  P5310784 P5310780-300x225P5310791-150x150

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake


peace missoula water fall acrylic

early work

early work

painting swan water color